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Serious Bible Study (SBS) May 2 - June 6


     Beginning Wednesday, May 2 and running each Wednesday through June 6, I’ll teach a six week Bible study on the book of Ephesians. The class will be held in the Youth Center from 7:00 – 8:15 pm.

     My teaching method will be a bit different. I’ll use Powerpoint to show you maps, timelines, and study aids as I do in worship…to give the background. For those of you familiar with the Ray Vander Laan archeological videos and how informative they are, I’ll pull in relevant videos from Ray and other sources. Once I’ve given the background, most of the time will be spent reading the text and discussing it.

Ephesians is only six chapters long and can be read out loud in only 15-20 minutes. We’ll read the entire book each week, and each week we’ll read from a different Bible translation. 

     Then, after we’ve read all six chapters, we’ll make our way through the book chapter by chapter. In week one, we’ll discuss chapter one and its topics. In week two, we’ll discuss chapter two and its topics. And so on.  

     By the time the six weeks are over, you will have read the entire book at least seven times from six different translations. This method will enable us to see the big picture of the book, and then interpret the smaller sections and topics in light of the whole. 

     One of my goals is for you to know the book of Ephesians well enough to feel comfortable teaching the book, yourself. Another goal is for you to know how the topics addressed contributes to the Bible’s overall message on that particular topic. For example, Ephesians chapter six tells that the practice of Christian virtues is how we defeat the Devil in spiritual warfare. That will make for an interesting discussion on those topics.

     Please join us in the Youth Center for SBS beginning May 2. And, please bring a friend. Let’s use this as an outreach to make a positive difference for Christ in people’s lives and our community.



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Glorify God by CARING for one another

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"Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God."  Covenant is a place where people enjoy being and serving Christ, together.  We tease, laugh, and enjoy each other.  You don't have to be crazy to belong here.  We'll train you

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We feed people:  Body, mind, and soul.  From our free Neighborhood Supper - to our Covenant Kids Corner - to our Music Ministries - to our Scouting Programs:  Our activities provide nourishment to God's people


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